Hello! My name is Autumn Rose and I am a graphic designer from the Greater Boston Area who graduated from Keene State College (New Hampshire) in May 2019 with a BFA in Graphic Design (in addition to studio art and music minors). I especially love identity design and typography, though I also enjoy exploring and learning about all areas of graphic design and related fields, including marketing. As someone with a deep passion for design, I thoroughly enjoy each stage of the design process: from preliminary research and sketches to the final stages of refining a project. I set high expectations for myself and strive to achieve them. A positive attitude towards learning and a strong work ethic are at the forefront of my work, and my love for graphic design grows with each project I complete!

In addition to graphic design, I am passionate about music and play both piano and violin. I especially enjoy finding ways to merge these two interests in my design work and find connections between the two. For example, in my motion design project, “The Fiddle,” I combined design and music and found myself connecting with the project on an even deeper level because of this.

I studied abroad at the University of Limerick in Ireland for the Spring 2018 semester where I studied marketing as well as Irish traditional music. The experience of being in an entirely different country, meeting people from all over the world, learning about their cultures and experiences, and just living in another country for a semester was a wonderfully growth-filled experience. 

Overall, I simply love graphic design and am excited to work with YOU on your next project! Please contact me with any questions, and click below to view my resume.